What to do on your Sithonia Holidays – Activities & POI in 2024

“There is no other place like Halkidiki”. This phrase is heard quite often indicating the uniqueness of Halkidiki in comparison with other attractive destinations. But what can someone meet and do in Halkidiki and especially in Sithonia that will make its visitor confirm this phrase?

Magnificent beaches:

In Halkidiki, you can find magical beaches. Rocky, sandy, secluded but also more popular, its beaches can cater to all tastes. All of them have crystal clear waters and are surrounded by a lush natural environment. One of the main things to do is to enjoy the turquoise waters, the landscape and the sun while drinking a refreshing cocktail in one of the many beach bars, but also to relax on a beach waiting for the unique sunset.

Some of the beaches of Sithonia that are worth visiting are the coast of Koviou, the coast of Spathies, the coast of Kalogria, the coast of Elia, the coast of Lagomandra, the coast of Paradisos, the beach of Neos Marmaras, Tristinika, Kavourotripes or the coast of Orange, Platanitsi, Kalamitsi, Kriaritsi, Fava, Karydi.

Koviou coast is a small bay between the coast of Ai Giannis and the coast of Kalogria, 6km south of Nikiti. The unique greenish colour of the water and the beach with fine and white sand transmits a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Spathies Coast, which is before Neos Marmaras,  is a small sandy beach with rocks and pines that touches the waves, creating a unique image for the visitor that only on the coast Spathies can meet. It was named after some scratches on the rocks that are rumoured to have been created by a sword.

Kalogria coast is a beautiful pine-covered beach with a remarkable small island 200 meters from the coast. The trees extend to the golden sand. It is located at the 6th kilometre of Nikiti – Neos Marmaras.

The Elia coast which is between Nikiti and Neos Marmaras is a large 4km long beach that was named after the endless olive groves that exist in the area.

Lagomandra coast, 7 km north of Neos Marmaras and 13 km south of Nikiti, one of the most famous beaches of Sithonia, is a beach more than one 1km long, divided by two capes in two small parts. It is organized, offers access to people with disabilities, has tourist facilities and facilities for water sports. A small pine forest along the sandy beach enhances the true natural beauty of the area, while offering its coolness and shade to visitors. Every year the beach is awarded the Blue Flag.

The beach of Neos Marmaras is located on the edge of the village on its south side. It is a large beach that reaches the facilities of Porto Carra. Along the coast, you can find many taverns and bars. Unique from there is the view of the islet of Kelyfos which is located opposite.

Paradise Beach is located close to Neos Marmaras. This is a long sandy beach, ideal for families with small children. On the coastline there are many rental complexes, cafes and taverns in front of the sea.

Tristinika, a stunning beach with unique blue waters and thick white sand. A historic hippie bar, the Ethnic, dominates a hill.

Kavourotripes or Orange coast is a complex of beaches, the most famous beaches of Sithonia, of unique natural beauty. Behind a rich pine forest hide small coves with all-white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The enchanting exotic landscape is completed by white rocks and pines that reach the sea.

Platanitsi is located on the east coast of Sithonia, Halkidiki, 150 km from Thessaloniki and 5 km north of Sarti. At this point is the municipal camping Platanitsi, from which one can access the beach. The sandy beach is separated by a river. The view of Mount Athos and the green-blue waters leave the visitors speechless.

Kalamitsi, built in a bay with 3 beaches, is located 25km south of Sarti and 11km east of Toroni. The crescent-shaped beach is naturally protected from the waves and winds. The main beach, which is 450 meters long and is located in front of the village of Kalamitsi, is well organized with restaurants, beach bars and water sports, water skiing, sailing and diving. Characteristic is its golden beach with fine white sand, while its rocks in gray shades and strange formations contribute to the uniqueness of the landscape. There is also the famous campsite, but also other tourist resorts that are offered for a quiet family vacation.

Kriaritsi with its sandy beach is located in a unique location overlooking Mount Athos, while the opposite is the small islands named Scapes, Achini and Petalida. Several smaller coves surround the main beach, compose one of the most beautiful reliefs of Sithonia.

Fava beach, east of Vourvourou and inside the settlement of Kathigites, is the central and largest beach of a complex of three beaches. It is not organized, but the pines next to the beach can protect the visitor from the sun. The beach is surrounded by rocks where guests enjoy fishing.

Karydi beach, east of Vourvourou is one of the most famous beaches of Sithonia. The fine sand, the white rocks that surround the bay, the turquoise waters, the grove with the pines by the shore attract a lot of people during the summer months. It is especially popular with families with young children due to its shallow and warm waters.

Entertainment -Food:

In Halkidiki the entertainment starts in the morning in the beach bars, restaurants, bar-restaurants and lasts until late at night in clubs. Visitors to Sithonia have the opportunity to relax, have fun and make their holiday unforgettable.

Gastronomy: Many of the traditional products produced in Halkidiki are the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Some of them are world-famous, such as cheese, honey, wines, green olives and oil, produced in the region. The visitor of Halkidiki must try the traditional dishes, made with taste and fine local products.

Good food with fine products in traditional and modern taverns by the sea, on the beach is something else that the visitor must add to his list, as Sithonia is known for the beautiful taverns on the coast.

The fish tavern “o Panos”. It is located a few kilometers outside Neos Marmaras, in one of the picturesque coves of Agia Kyriaki, overlooking the deep blue of the Toroneos gulf, the wild pines of Sithonia and the beautiful spa islands. The fish tavern has been operating since 1979, offering unique Greek flavours to customers.

Boukadoura: An authentic farmhouse of a century, built on the edge of the rock, above the sea, Boukadoura, is the ideal place to appreciate the charm of the simplicity of Greek cuisine. Fresh ingredients cooked with knowledge, love and passion.

The tavern-ouzeri Akrogiali is located on Paradisos beach in Neos Marmaras in a unique position on the beach and offers fine delicacies to its visitors.


The visitor of Sithonia has the opportunity to choose a variety of activities. Day trips, water sports, scuba diving, spa, museums, festivals and events are some of the activities that someone can enjoy. Countless options will satisfy all of your tastes and utilize your time creatively.

Scuba diving: In recent years, the exploration of the seabed has gained the interest of the visitors. The visitor of Sithonia has the opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness of its seabed.

“Ocean Diving Center”, Lagomandra Beach

At the organized beach of Lagomandra, the visitor can find the diving center with certified teachers, suitable to accompany you in the magical world of the seabed of Sithonia.

Day trips:

The visitor of Halkidiki is worth visiting one of its islands, such as Ammouliani and Diaporos. It can be reached either by small boats available for rent or by boats that make scheduled itineraries. In that way, someone can see another side of Halkidiki that reminds of a Greek island.

Diaporos, a small island that justifiably can be called the Caribbean of Greece and where many internationally famous people choose to spend their holidays incognito. It can be reached by boat and is ten minutes away from the beach of Vourvourou.

Ammouliani is the small island of Halkidiki in the bay of Mount Athos, opposite Tripiti. The only inhabited island in Halkidiki is a small paradise with seas with clear blue waters and beaches with white sand. It is the ideal place for a quiet and relaxing family vacation.

Religious tourism: If the visitor is interested in religious tourism, Halkidiki has many churches, chapels, monasteries and places of religious interest that will fascinate him and he should not miss to visit.

Mount Athos is located at the third leg of Halkidiki. The oldest monastic community, the last Avaton of Europe, is an autonomous part of the Greek state. Characteristic are the beautiful natural sites, Mount Athos and the imposing monasteries, which are the treasure of the religious heritage of Greece. Twenty monasteries of Byzantine architecture, more than 800 cells and twelve hermitages, 2000 monks, who live an overnight life, operate and protect this rare monument of Orthodox Christian Monasticism, which has been declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. They are a visual and aesthetic illusion.

Cruise to Mount Athos. As only male visitors can enter the area, there is the possibility to admire this imposing area of Halkidiki by making a unique cruise with small boats that are waiting for tourists in the port of Ouranoupolis or in the bay of Ormos Panagias of Sithonia. Every day from May to October these cruises offer the opportunity for visual acquaintance with the special landscape and the unique buildings.

North Halkidiki and historical monuments. The mountainous Halkidiki is worth a visit by the lovers of the natural landscape and the visitors who want to settle down and relax, as it is composed of the mountainous area of ​​Holomontas with the characteristic picturesque villages, the rich forests, the natural springs, the rivers and the green landscapes.

Also, the visitor should not forget to visit Stageira, the small Macedonian city of Halkidiki where the great philosopher and scientist Aristotle was born and where there is the theme park “Grove of Aristotle”.

The unique village Parthenon. The Parthenon, the wreath above the Toroneos gulf, shines surrounded by the green landscape of Itamos, five kilometres above Neos Marmaras. Today it is a tourist destination and attraction, as it is a masterpiece of architecture, with breathtaking views and excellent dining options. Every summer, in recent years, there is the wonderful open Parthenon Film Festival – Cinema in the village with free admission, which includes art activities and screenings of Greek films.

The upper Nikiti. With gentle development and continuous interventions in the cobbled streets, it is an example of a preserved settlement that revived uniquely thanks to the excellent restoration of the old mansions. The village culminates going up to the historic church of Agios Nikitas. Do not forget to get the famous Sithon honey.

Have fun!