The story of

A. & C. Michailidi

In the early 1980s, at the very beginning of the tourist development of Neos Marmaras, the construction of the A&C Michailidi complex began. Ιt started αs a small family business, with the hospitality of a small number of visitors, who would enjoy the unique location by the coast. It wanted to offer its visitors the opportunity to experience the crystal clear sea, with clear blue waters, ideal for young children because of its small depth, but also for adults, who would combine fun with complete relaxation in the coolness of age-old pines, which cast their shadow to the shore. With the passage of time and the help of the preference and love from the visitors, but also the owner’s personal passion, the complex expanded and improved, reaching its current form. In 2018 the business, which developed the most during all these years, was inherited from the parents to their children. With a new and modern look, the new generation aims to maintain and modernize its services, adapting them to the needs of visitors, always with the aim of achieving absolute rest, tranquility and relaxation, but also the creation of beautiful moments and experiences that will become valuable memories!

Шикарное расположение прямо на побережье, спустился и 2 минуты ты на море! Прекрасное место для отдых с маленькими детьми – плавный заход в море и очень прогретая вода. Аппартаменты состояли из 2 смежных комнат и большого балкона с видом на море. Территория очень ухоженная, много тени от деревьев, можно отдыхать от знойной жары. На берегу есть свои лежаки и зонтики. Есть также площадка для барбекю.


Ritornare anche questo agosto in un luogo così meraviglioso è un privilegio! Tranquillità e accoglienza sono le particolarità che contraddistinguono questo paradiso, grazie a Caterina e Cristina.

Susanna e Roberto,

(2020,da Firenze)
Πολύ όμορφο Πολύ ωραία η τοποθεσία, όμορφη η παραλία πεντακάθαρη η θάλασσα. Εξυπηρετικοί και ευγενικοί. Δωμάτια για να κάνει κάποιος ήρεμες διακοπές. Γαλήνη και ηρεμία. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για την φιλοξενία. Θα ξανάρθουμε σίγουρα.